Thomas Scholes-Fogg is the Founder and Chief Executive of the UK’s national Emergency Services Day; the Emergency Services Festival of Thanksgiving; and the 999 Cenotaph.

He also serves as a policeman in a major English force.

Tom believes there is no greater joy and honour than public service and working to make your community and country a better place.

Education and previous roles

Tom read Policing, Investigation and Criminology at University, and holds a MSc in Counter Terrorism. His thesis was on cyber-terrorism and terrorist use of the internet. He is currently flirting with doing a PhD in cyber.

Tom has previously worked for four senior Members of Parliament, including managing the Parliamentary offices of two Shadow Ministers of State (Policing and DEFRA). Tom has worked as a researcher to the Lord Stevens Independent Commission on Policing, to which he also gave evidence on police use of social media to interact with the public and fight crime. He also spent time working in the office of a foreign Prime Minister.

999 Cenotaph

Founder and ceo

999 Day


999 Festival


About the 999 Cenotaph

About 999 Day

About the 999 Festival

The 999 Cenotaph is a charity which is raising at least £3.2 million to build Britain’s first cenotaph dedicated to all who have served in the NHS and emergency services. It will be a national symbol of gratitude, sacrifice and remembrance to our 999 heroes past and present. The 999 Cenotaph is supported by HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, the Prime Minister and First Ministers of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Emergency Services Day (9th September) is a national day across the UK, supported by HM The Queen, TRH The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge; the Prime Minister and First Ministers of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 999 Day is your opportunity to show your support for our NHS and emergency services heroes; it’s an opportunity for 999 charities to fundraise and for emergency services to engage with the communities they serve. 

The 999 Festival is an annual event which takes place on the nearest Friday to 999 Day. It brings together senior politicians, emergency services, emergency services charities and the public to give their united appreciation to those who work in the NHS and emergency services – past and present. The 999 Festival is held at a major cathedral though the service itself is multi-faith – and rotates across the UK.

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