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Tom Scholes-Fogg speaking at the 1st Emergency Services Festival of Thanksgiving, September 2018. Image taken by the National Emergency Services Memorial and is available for non-commercial / non-mod reuse.

Thomas E.J. Scholes-Fogg was born on 4th June in Manchester, England. He is the Founder and Chairman of the National Emergency Services Memorial (The NESM), a registered charity which is raising at least £3 million to build Britain’s first ever national cenotaph dedicated to all who serve and have served in the emergency services.

The NESM will be the main national symbol of gratitude, sacrifice and remembrance for the work carried out by ALL emergency services, including the two million people who work across the emergency services today, and the more than 7,000 personnel killed in the line of duty. The 999 Memorial will also honour service animals. To donate to this important national project, please visit www.NESM.org.uk/donate.

Tom is also Founder and Chairman of the UK’s annual ‘Emergency Services Day‘ and the ‘Emergency Services Festival of Thanksgiving‘. These are two important national events in the emergency services calendar which are aimed at promoting appreciation of the emergency services.

The Charity is supported by the Prime Minister, Her Majesty’s Government, The First Ministers and Governments of Scotland and Wales, the Home Secretary, the Health Secretary and all living former UK Prime Ministers and Deputy Prime Ministers (Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Sir John Major, Sir Nick Clegg, Lord (John) Prescott and Lord (Michael) Heseltine).

We are truly honoured to have the support of HRH The Duke of Cambridge, for the 999 Memorial and 999 Day. The support of our future King, not least because he is an ex Air-Ambulance pilot, means a great deal to the team.

Additional Roles:

Tom serves as an MSC Sergeant in a major English police force. Tom is also involved in various other organisations which he either founded or co-founded.

Previous Roles:

Tom has previously worked for four Members of Parliament, including managing the Parliamentary offices of two Shadow Ministers of State (Policing and DEFRA).  Tom has worked as a researcher to the Lord Stevens Independent Commission on Policing, to which he also gave evidence on police use of social media to interact with the public and fight crime.


Tom read Policing, Investigation and Criminology at University, and holds a MSc in Counter Terrorism. His thesis was on cyber-terrorism and terrorist use of the internet.

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