About Tom

About Tom

Tom Scholes-Fogg is the Founder and Chairman of the National Emergency Services Memorial, the campaign to build the UK’s first national monument dedicated to the more than 5,000 emergency services personnel killed on duty, and to give thanks to all who have served. Tom is also Chairman of the ‘Emergency Services Day’, which will be launched in September 2017. The NESM will be the national symbol of gratitude, sacrifice and remembrance for the British emergency services (Police, Fire, Ambulance/NHS and Search and Rescue). To donate please visit www.NESM.org.uk/donate.

Tom joined Vulnerable Veterans UK in August 2017, an organisation which helps ex-servicemen and women who encounter problems including addictions. Tom also works in policy for a Local Authority.

Tom serves in the Special Constabulary in a major English police force.

Previous Roles:

Tom has previously worked for four Members of Parliament, including managing the Parliamentary offices of two Shadow Ministers of State, Tom has also worked as a researcher to the Lord Stevens Independent Commission on Policing, to which he also gave evidence on police use of social media to interact with the public and fight crime.


Tom read Policing, Investigation and Criminology at University, and MSc Counter Terrorism.

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