Police Direct Entry

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Below you can find a quote I gave to 4Policing relating to the proposals to allow people to join the police service at Inspector level. Currently all police officers must start as a Constable and serve two years probation period. After which time they could apply for fast track promotion through a management course. 

MoJ Website Brought Down by Attackers

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The Ministry of Justice’s website was brought down for several hours according to the Government Department. It comes just months after the Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond revealed there were more than 400,000 cyber-attack attempts on government websites and computers.

Women in Politics, What Can Be Learnt from Thatcher’s Election?

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It was thirty-nine years ago today that the Conservative Party elected Margaret Thatcher to be its leader. Her election victory over Ted Heath meant she was the first and so far only female leader of any major political party in the UK, although Harriet Harman and Margaret Beckett acted as leaders of the Labour Party in 1994 and 2010, following the resignation of Gordon Brown and the death of John Smith.

Guest Blog: Does good customer service apply to the police?

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police call handler

Yesterday whilst out shopping I experienced great customer service whilst shopping in extremely busy real shops in Basingstoke. The first was in Pandora and the second in the Apple store. In both instances the staff member was polite, knowledgeable about their product and took the trouble to be supportive. This included actively listening to the issues at hand and checking the needs of the customer.

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