Monthly Archive 5th May 2018

Death of Peter, Rt Hon Lord Temple-Morris

Peter Temple-MorrisThe article below was written by The Rt Hon Lord (Peter) Temple-Morris for the 2011 book ‘What next for Labour?’ which I edited. Peter passed away on 1st May 2018, and in his memory I have decided to publish his article today. My colleague, Hisham and I send out deepest condolences to Peter’s family. I have fond memories of our conversations, and his impressive political and legal intellect.

Lord Temple-Morris was the Conservative then Labour MP for Leominster between 1974 and 2001. He was Chair of Cambridge University Conservatives Association in 1961 and was called to the Bar in 1962. He was a practising Barrister who became a Solicitor in 1989. He defected to the Labour Party from the Conservatives in 1998.

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